Saturday, June 25, 2016

Let's not talk about this

There's so much I'd like to talk about with the house, but the one thing I won't talk about is how worn out I've been.

will talk about how motivated I've been with finishing, I've been working on it non stop. We're finally talking about all the things we have to buy; furniture, food, kitchen, and bathroom storage, all that jazz.

I've never wanted something so much in my life and I've worked so hard to make it happen. If you have a dream, just do it. Don't live your life imagining or dreaming for it to happen. 
"It'll take hard work but nothing you work for in life comes easy"- Anonymous

Stepping off my soap box; this is the last picture until the house is completely finished!
I'm not allowing Travis to post any pictures of what it looks like until it's done.

Also, friends and family, I don't want anybody to see it until it's done, so you'll just have to hold your undies until our open house!

I can't wait to see the transformation myself! There will continue to be blog and Instagram posts so don't worry!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Who's house is this?!?!

Hey everyone!

I haven't posted a blog in about a week and it feels really weird. I figured that it wouldn't be that interesting watching us put up drywall. It wasn't that much fun for us either. 

Here's some exciting news!;

We've finished putting up all the drywall!

The house is looking unrecognizable! :)

Now, we're onto to the fun phase of the journey; decorating and designing. 

To commemorate this occasion I took Travis to Ikea. We found our couch, dinning room table, bathroom sink, storage containers, and possibly our kitchen sink that we want to get. Unfortunately we didn't find our kitchen cabinets. We'll continue our hunt for that.

Next blog we'll give an update on how much we've spent so far :)

There will be pictures coming soon but I'd rather show the walls when it's primed and no holes or seams are showing.

Get ready for those!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

$$$$ Half way mark!

What's up everyone! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and soaking up the sunshine or rain. Whichever you prefer :)

As you can tell we are still under construction with the house. We've been having a hard time with our windows leaking. That's been holding us back cause we've focused a lot of our time trying to fix our darn windows, and we may or may not have broke one of them :( There was water filling up between the two panes of glass and so we thought if we bought a glass drill, we could make a little hole and fix our problem. Well, little did we think that maybe if the glass broke, our problem would definitely be fixed. Unfortunately now it's just a single paned window. In the end it created another problem, but we can deal with this one much better than with the window filling with water.

We've made a lot of progress as always. 
(We're very dedicated individuals) 
  • Got the drywall on the ceiling installed 
  • Got our front door all ready to be shut and locked up tight!
  • We got all our insulation up on the walls.
We also made a trap door in case anybody comes snooping around.... Just kidding, the door is actually for our bathroom. We'll explain more later :)

Next up is putting in our finished flooring! Surprisingly, we've just about hit the half way mark on our budget for the house!

Our next big purchase is our solar panels! :)

I look forward to posting a video on installing the floor and I hope you all are too!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ring ring ring.... You have a delivery!

Yesterday wasn't the best day, but I was determined to end it on a happy note. I know I said I'd post a video of us working on the house but with the day I had, I wanted to end it with something positive :)

I'm definitely learning that if you sincerely want something in life, it doesn't come easy. I'm seeing that with the house. I'm seeing that with the blog/ Youtube channel.

It's hard stuff and I enjoy it. I honestly do. I have to remind myself what the final outcome is and enjoy the journey because it's the direction I want my life to head in. 

Just like one of my favorite quotes says,
"Just remember to enjoy the process of being where you are, while you are getting to where you want to be."- Unknown

Life is hard but remember to work hard and enjoy each step.
So here's us opening up a package we got yesterday!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Why didn't we do this first........

......... seriously, you all may not understand, but having steps is such a wonderful thing. I've never appreciated having stairs as much as I do now. So don't take your stairs for granted!

 We're officially onto our next phase of the house, which is all the finishings!

We'll be putting up insulation and painting the front door. Then we'll be putting in the floor and buying drywall this weekend!

Stay tuned everyone for all the fun stuff!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What's been going on

First off, we are officially done with any construction related stuff! NO more framing, no more cutting the metal (except for the flue for the fire place, but I'm not counting that)  We lifted and framed the loft!

Second, we bought our wood floor  and wall insulation, which will hopefully be installed by the end of this weekend. We also bought our stove/oven for the house and our shower pump. Next big purchase will be our solar panels!

Lastly, we bought the paint we're using for the front door AND the thing I've been waiting for and super excited to share with you guys.......

My new baby!

I am so excited to film quality videos and share them with you all! I've had a major video idea brewing in my head and I can't wait to implement it and share it with you all. It has to wait 'til the house is finished so it'll be a while. But it'll give me time to learn how to use my camera and make a good looking video.

Travis and I have come up with a lot of ideas for videos to film, one is a FAQ's video. We get so many questions about the tiny house when we tell people about it. After we're done with the house we'll compile a list of questions and shoot a video. If anyone has any questions, ask them in the comments below or in the comments on the YouTube channel or on Facebook (all links will be posted at the end of the post)

There is a question we've been asked a lot recently and we haven't mentioned how much the house has cost us so far. The last time we mentioned cost was way in the beginning of starting the blog.

So to answer that question now, the house has cost us in total so far, with everything we've bought recently, comes out to be $4,397.85. Not too shabby! We haven't even hit half way yet!

Here's the links if you guys want to ask us any questions for the frequently asked video: