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Hello!! Thanks for visiting!

Lucky you, you've been invited to the Tiny House warming hosted by none other than Kiah and Travis!

Please watch the following video

Couple of things we'd like to discuss;

1. Don't block the road or driveways.

2. Our house is small, we can't fit much inside. Monetary gifts work best.

3. If you can't come, no hard feelings. Please RSVP!

4. We're having a pot-luck, if you can bring food or drinks let us know.

5. Our stairs are steep, be prepared to climb them. You'll also be asked to remove your shoes upon entering.

6. We have "running" water, but the toilet is a composting toilet. Physics work the same as a regular toilet, only there is no water involved. You sit down, do your business, stand up, cover it with the material we have. If you're uncomfortable with this idea, go before you come.

7. Be prepared for mild weather, we will reschedule if the forecasts say bad weather.

8. Last but not least, RSVP!!!!!! We gotta know. Gotta know. Comment below, text us, call, send a bird, whatever. Just please let us know.

We are so excited to show you our house! Hope you can come! :)

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