Monday, March 28, 2016

These floors are made for you and me

What's up fellow Tiny house lovers?! 

We're back at it again with some more pictures of our progress with the floor.  So after a long discussion about whether or not 2x4's were sufficient enough for the floor framing, we decided that they were....not. So instead we bought some 2x6's and are going to see what these will be like. 


We also thought that it would be a good idea to do just a section of the floor, put some plywood on top of the framing and then test it out to see if that's what we should do for the rest of the floor.  

Travis went to a lumber yard to get some repurposed wood, which was a little cheaper than getting them from Home Depot.  I didn't get a chance to go with Travis, but he got the guy's business card.  Chad is a local lumberyard owner and was super friendly and nice.  I also have to give him props for his creative business name. I love it! So if you are looking for some cheap recycled wood, then go to Chad's lumberyard.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tiny Houses.... THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!! O.o

Hello all!

Today Travis and I took a little trip to Fort Collins to meet a fellow Tiny House couple... and let me tell you, it was awesome to see a tiny house complete and people actually living in it. The couple that we met are two very down to earth people. It was extremely nice of them to let us pick their brains on how they built their house and let us into their home, and it was a very beautiful home!

I hope our home is half as beautiful as theirs!

Lastly, seeing how they did some of their design aspects, Travis and I have decided to change a few of ours. For example, we were going to do a sliding door for the bathroom, a "pocket door". But instead, we found it'd be much easier and nicer if the door just slide on a rail or pipe outside the wall.

Check out their website and follow their journey here:

We were driving back home and we kept saying we wish we got a picture of all four of us in front of their house... But hey, at least I got a picture of me in front of it :)

We also didn't take as many pictures as we would have liked. We got so wrapped up in talking about tiny houses that we just let our eyes take all the pictures.
One example of their creativity was their rock climbing wall. 

Like this one ^^ for example. It looked great! Travis' favorite part of their house!

Thank you John and Julie for letting us into your home! I can't wait for you guys to see ours finished at our housewarming party!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

And this.... this is why the house isn't finished

Hey everybody!

Here's a blog post for your entertainment, while being stuck inside in this snow storm. And if you're one of those lucky people that aren't, please enjoy the beautiful weather for us here in Colorado! (now you can see why the house isn't finished; this white stuff keeps dumping on us whenever we want to work on the trailer!)

You see that nonsense?1? 17 inches!!

I'd like to take this moment and explain why we're building a tiny house... 

The first reason is because we want to take on a challenge of building something, being able to say we built it, and that we did it ourselves. Also to boost ourselves up because if we can build a house then I feel like we'll be able to survive in the jungle if we ever wanted to...

which brings me to the next reason.... TRAVEL!

We want to see the world!  Going to every continent before I'm 30 is up on my list of things that I want to accomplish. And yes, I'm including Antartica. 

It's important for us to accomplish these things because; first off, we're doing these things together.  We see that having the ability to build a tiny house and come away still madly in love, is a good sign.  If we can't get through building a tiny house together then... that's different story... and perhaps a different blog! ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tiny House Convention... what have we learned?? O.o

We went to a Tiny House Convention in Denver and got a lot of motivation & ideas!

We were given free tickets from a close friend of ours, so we took this opportunity to do some R&D and boy did we learn a lot!

There were a lot of people...

Kiah freaked out about this sink

Travis freaked out about this bathroom door

Kiah in Tiny House heaven

We got a lot of inspiration from going here, we're both very glad we went. We may have to change some ideas around (luckily we can do that at this stage), but who knows!

Stay tuned!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Board is up! Let's finish that godforsaken floor, eh?

 Step one: hold board up, drill hole into the trailer (damage Travis' finger), bolt it in on one side.

Step two: repair finger, come back, hold board up and level

Step three-four: bolt board in on other side, DO NOT damage Travis' finger.


Now we have to finish up the first layer of the subfloor, and start to frame out the floor and insulate it.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Moab and drilling holes in fingers

Hello again! It's been a while since we last posted and that's partly due to the fact that Kiah and I went to Moab, Utah! We went because I was called out there to do a job for 3 days, and I thought I'd bring m'lady with me.

  It was such a fun time, we'll have to go again.

Before we left for Moab, we got some pretty important stuff all the while injuring my finger. (There will be a blog post on all the injuries Travis has gotten) I'm ok, but I happened to power drill my right index finger while working on the house. This house will literally have my blood, sweat and tears!

Here's some pictures from our Moab trip! We needed time away from working on the house and to let Travis' finger heal.
We woke up super early and on top of that it was daylight savings. He passed out hard.

This is our ghetto tent

FOOOOOOOD!!! With lots of mustard!


These are called the petrified sand dunes... Super cool!

I forgot to get a picture of the awesomely delicious quesadillas we had, but I got a picture of their awesomely delicious business card.
(If you go to Moab, make sure to get their quesadilla's)

Next step is starting the framing for the floor and installing floor insulation! Exciting times! Stay tuned!!