Thursday, March 17, 2016

Moab and drilling holes in fingers

Hello again! It's been a while since we last posted and that's partly due to the fact that Kiah and I went to Moab, Utah! We went because I was called out there to do a job for 3 days, and I thought I'd bring m'lady with me.

  It was such a fun time, we'll have to go again.

Before we left for Moab, we got some pretty important stuff all the while injuring my finger. (There will be a blog post on all the injuries Travis has gotten) I'm ok, but I happened to power drill my right index finger while working on the house. This house will literally have my blood, sweat and tears!

Here's some pictures from our Moab trip! We needed time away from working on the house and to let Travis' finger heal.
We woke up super early and on top of that it was daylight savings. He passed out hard.

This is our ghetto tent

FOOOOOOOD!!! With lots of mustard!


These are called the petrified sand dunes... Super cool!

I forgot to get a picture of the awesomely delicious quesadillas we had, but I got a picture of their awesomely delicious business card.
(If you go to Moab, make sure to get their quesadilla's)

Next step is starting the framing for the floor and installing floor insulation! Exciting times! Stay tuned!!

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