Sunday, February 28, 2016

Construction shirts have been donned, we are ready to build!

We are half way done with the first layer of the floor, family and friends!

This weekend has been a very productive weekend.  We were hoping to get the whole first layer done by the end of the weekend, but we need to take time away from the trailer and spend it with family and enjoy the weather. We look at the weather everyday and when it's nice, we try to get to the trailer to get something done.

I made Travis take lot's of pictures and I took a lot myself.  All day today I've been using the word "giddy", because that's exactly how I've been feeling. I'm so happy that we are starting the construction process of everything. It's becoming more and more real.

Hey look! I'm finally getting to do something!!

(We forgot to add the two pictures above to our previous post)
It took a little bit to figure out how to lay down the Tyvek House Wrap, but we got it done!

Next step was to remove this nasty ass tar!

Getting there!

Look at that shiny!

We had to put a bunch of heavy stuff on the plywood to make sure it didn't run away

Thanks for staying up to date on our adventure!

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  1. You certainly look like you're having a lot of fun during the process. My wife and I have just recently begun the process of building our own mini version of a $10,000 Tiny House, a $2,000 Tiny Detached Garage for our motorcycles, and putting hammer to nail is just a really fun time.

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express