Sunday, February 21, 2016

Long Time No Talk

Hellllllooooo............. it's us!
(Comment or share, if you get the reference ;) )

It's been a while since we've posted. We have been working on the trailer every weekend when the weather is nice. There's a lot that we've finished. For example drawing on the metal, where the windows will be going.  I do not have a picture to show you guys, because it's too hard to see and it's not that exciting. 

Then we finished cutting all the screws and nails that were on the metal floor stud things. (I'm sure Travis knows the technical term, I call them the Death trap. I hate walking in the trailer without a floor.)

Then we finished filling in ALL of the tiny holes on the walls.

After that we finished reinforcing some of the Death traps with wood so that the floor is more stable.  That took longer than I thought, and we had to stop on one day and come back the next, which tested my patience real quick. But that's ok, that's going to happen a lot.

Now for the most exciting news!!!!!

We got wood and house wrap for the floor!

Which means we are on our way to starting construction!!

Here's some pictures:

Travis working hard

Travis working even harder, cutting wood :)
I do help him most of the time, but somebody has to be the one to take the pictures ;)

Us taking a break to keep the romance alive :)

Me pointing out the Death traps that are done being reinforced :)
(You have no idea how excited I am to have a floor!)

Here's all the wood and house wrap that we will be using for the floor. 
There's was an extremely nice guy that helped us load all the plywood into the Tahoe that we used to bring the wood home.  (This is for travis: I should of asked him if we could get a picture with him and tell him about our blog. DARN)

Thanks everyone for reading our blog and always asking us about how it's coming along.
I will be doing another blog post soon really explaining why we're doing this.
I think we've only mentioned it once and that was in a previous post.
If anybody knows which post that is, let me know, that would save me time to look for it!
Stay tuned for our next post and more pictures of the construction of the floor :)

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