Friday, January 29, 2016

Too many things we finished to put in the title.....

Hey everyone!!!

We have lot's of pictures to show you all... and we're super excited about everything that we've finished in the last couple of weeks! Why? Because we are that much closer to completing this thing and living in it!

First thing we (and when I say we, I mean Travis did 99.9% of it all and I did the rest) did was remove all the wood on the floor

This is what he did....

It was no easy task, ripping out all of the wood.  They were some how screwed into the metal beams... And the only way we could remove them was with a sledge hammer.... Now before anybody says anything, we did not lose an eye, finger, or a limb in the process, I think that's quite an accomplishment!

(This is Travis removing the last piece of the floor board!)
I owe him an eternity of back massages. 

After removing all the wood, I had the pleasure of power washing the walls... Call me crazy for doing it in the dead of winter BUT it had to be done! I wouldn't of let Travis continue if I didn't get that metal clean! 

Now there's still some dirt on the walls but it looks ten times better than it did.... I would of took a before-and-after picture but I'm not going to subject you guys to that grossness....

After power washing, Travis cut off every screw on the metal beams..... And it was a lot easier than ripping out the floor that's for sure....

We can officially say demolition is DONE!! (I'm not counting cutting the roof and the metal where the door and windows are going)

The next thing we have to do is cut off the nails on the walls... and then get wood for the sub flooring and then start building the frame and cut the roof!!

Everything is really coming together! Pretty soon you won't even be able to tell it's a trailer!

Lastly I want to say thank you to my man and that I really appreciate you!  We wouldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't for your devotion and your motivation to work on the trailer! I love you! 

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