Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Roof Repair

Thanks again for joining us on the $10K Tiny House challenge!

This has been quite a productive year so far, despite some minor set-backs.

What we've accomplished;

1. Foundation is secure
2. Old interior wood has been removed
3. Tools, materials, etc. have all been collected and are ready to be used

Recently, we've been able to repair some minor roof damage left by the previous owners. Photos are below


As you can see, the material we bought a while back from Home Depot was used and was very easy to apply. It dried in about 2-3hrs, and fully cures in about 48hrs. These holes were, again, very minor.

On the front corner of the roof was a nasty dent/hole made by what looks like a minor accident. Therefore, I had to cut out the dent and mangled metal, and will have to install a new sheet of metal securely onto that corner before we move onto painting/coating the roof one last time.

Because Kiah and myself are definitely in the business of reusing and recycling, we decided that we're gonna use some scrap metal found inside the trailer itself.

Yes, it looks small on camera, but it's more than enough metal to make that repair properly. We'll obviously have to flatten it out first, then secure it using several self-tapping screws, chalk, and some of that white sealant.

Thanks for reading! :)


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  2. the first message was a test----
    what inspires Travis? this is interesting to watch, it seems that this project will strengthen your problem solving abilities for life

    1. No problem :) I appreciate you taking notice!