Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Burn, baby, burn!!

The fireplace has arrived! It's a lot more sturdy and heavy than we originally thought, which is a good thing! This bad boy is rated for 40' trailers/boats, we have just 25', so it should be more than enough.

We are happy it's finally arrived and we'll be doing a test burn here soon. When one gets a new fireplace, it's always a good idea to let it burn a couple of logs before installing it. The fireplace can/will come with excess oil and whatnot so you don't want that fuming into the home.

Up next?? Coat the roof!! Those materials have also arrived (although not so exciting)...

The top container is a heavy duty sealant that will cover/seal the small holes after we put chalk in them. We were advised multiple times to do it this way, so we are trusting the experts!

The bottom container is a rubber, metal roof sealant that will prevent it from rusting, cracking, breaking, etc.

We'll have to estimate where the fireplace flue will exit the roof, not coat that area, and coat the rest of it. After we do that, we'll be able to move on to slowly and professionally building the framing of the house! After that it's wiring, slight plumbing, then the loft frame. Finally, we'll install the installation and dry wall and be nearly finished. 

Thanks for following along our blog, your support helps us keep going with tenacity!!!

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