Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Collecting materials, help us out!

Colorado winter

Now that we're in winter it's time to shift some focus away from manual labor on the actual trailer to collecting materials needed for the tiny house.

Fortunately, when I was browsing the web this morning I came across a sweet website/blog that I'll link here.
This website has been a blessing in disguise! They've revamped my motivation to find recycled material. There is a young man on there that actually built a good looking tiny house for $8,000! That's $2,000 less than us! WOW! They did it by doing all of the labor themselves for for free from other people, getting recycled material whenever they could, and being smart about their build. Sounds possible to me :)

Some materials we'll try getting recycled;

-2x4's (a bunch of those)
-wood flooring (any color, a total of 210 sq. ft.)
-electrical wiring
-outlet plugs (5)
-light switches (3)
-dry wall (gypsum)
-windows (6)

If you have any of these materials and you aren't using them or you know someone who does, please, let us know! We'll take it!!

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