Saturday, November 28, 2015

Why you no post long time?!?

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posting, winter has kind of stalled our project (like we expected).

For those of you looking for an update, we just bought our fire place, and it's the Cubic Mini Wood stove we talked about getting.  This bugger is small but packs a punch (say the people who bought it). It's capable of heating an RV, boat, etc. up to 40 feet long. Yep, that's 40 large ones! Our humble abode is just 25 feet long, I think we'll be ok. Especially with the type of insulation we are planning to install in the ceiling. 
It even has the metal shielding like the one photographed here :) It should arrive within 3-4 weeks, and when it does, we'll test it out and be sure to make a video of our review. For those of you interested in reading more about this stove (or seeing the reviews I mentioned), check out the link here.

One thing I wanted to mention about our experience so far with the fire place and the company we bought it from is that we attempted to contact the sellers twice within a week and a half time period and didn't hear anything from them. Once we get the product, we'll send an official review letting them know of this initial frustration. 

I (Travis) am the kind of person who likes to get a sense of a company before buying from them (if possible). The reason I didn't wait until they responded is because they had a black Friday deal on the fireplace for 30% off. Anybody who knows me knows I'm a sucker for deals, Kiah knows this all too well. You say "free food" and I'll coming runnin'!

The wood on the inside hasn't gotten completed removed yet (due to cold weather and a lack of knowing how exactly to remove it in the most efficient way. Once we have that removed, we'll move on to cutting the window and ceiling, building the interior wood framing, then putting up the insulation and floors.

Once we have all of that done we could (if we wanted) actually sleep in it! We'd have heating, insulation, and walls! Exciting stuff :) Stay tuned!!


  1. I m wondering if the stove would be suitable for the weather conditions in the mountains of Colorado. You mentioned it was made for boats.

    1. I guess we will find out! This whole process is a trial and error process. That's why we bought the fireplace early in the whole process; we can test it and see if it'll stand up to the winters of Colorado