Sunday, November 8, 2015

Up next...? Nasty old wood... yay!

What's next?

Kiah and I are super excited that we got the foundation finished and are now moving to the interior of the trailer! Yay!!

If you haven't already seen it, check out our earlier posts on the foundation, pretty intense stuff. It took forever. Bleh. I'm glad to be done with it :)

Next we have the inside of the trailer, which looks like this;

We will be posting a before and after series of the inside with and without the wood. The wood covers all of the metal that makes up the shell of the trailer, it's gotta go. It smells funny, it's rotting... we aren't keeping most of it. Although it may seem like a burden, buying the trailer with this wood in it has it's PROS and CONS....

-extra wood for other stuff, like; building a ramp, construction of the porch and loft, etc.
-we could use it for firewood

-it smells funny
-theres a lot of dust and sand everywhere, when we remove it the dust gets into the air
-there's a lot of it covering most of the inside of the trailer
-most of it is old and not usable for anything structural

We'll see what we can think of once we remove the wood, but for now, we're gonna get that old, nasty stuff out of here! Be sure to check back for a before-and-after comparison!

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