Friday, November 13, 2015

Budget plan (so far)

What a productive week!

This week has been crazy both for Kiah and I, in both our work places and working on the tiny house. I'm glad the weekend is here to get some serious work done.

We are still working on the wood on the inside of the trailer. We got the shelving off, now we just need to get that nasty old wood that is nailed to the metal of the trailer.  Photos will be provided.

Good news is we have enough wood from the shelves to build a ramp to get in and out of the trailer while we build it as well as some heat shielding for the fire-place; did we say we were gonna get a fire-place?!?

One I've had my eye on for quite some time now:

I think it's absolutely perfect for our tiny home. There are specific regulations that everyone should adhere to when installing a fire-place. I hate regulations, but these are one of the few I'll follow to a T.

This is called the Cubic Mini Wood Stove. It's only about $400!! It'll heat RV's up to 40' long, which is much longer than our tiny home :)

Anyways... I finally got to a rough budget plan (several weeks a little late). As you all know, we are shooting for $10,000 maximum. This means we need to save as much money as possible in as many areas as possible. I'm all for saving money in every little nail, but with the rough estimates I've made thus far, the big purchases add up way more than the small ones.

Here is our rough budget plan:
Wood studs: @2.39 a piece (I'm sure we can find cheaper)= $263

Option 1) with an R value at 13 (higher is better, our region should be 13-26 for walls): $153.45
Option 2) with an R value at 15: $149
Option 3) with an R value at 26 (if we double up on them): $688.48

Ceiling insulation: with an R value at 38: $70

Floor insulation: with an R value at 13: $26.48

Dry wall: $230.58 (we might be able to find cheaper)

Fire place: $400

TOTAL: $1,649. This means if we get anywhere under that number ^^ we'll be doing alright. If we spend about this much, we'll have about $6,896 left to spend on things like solar panels, a fridge, doors, windows, wood flooring, etc.

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