Saturday, November 7, 2015

Foundation finished!

Hello again all :)

I'm happy to say that Kiah and I have officially finished with the trailer's foundation!! We will be making a small addition to it much later but for now, the photos below depict the primary and secondary foundation support systems.

<< This is the front of the trailer with the two trunks holding it up. The trailer stands up on it's own (without these trunks), but the trunks add obvious support for the front of the trailer. The sit right under the main part of the frame.

The photo below is just a wider view of the front of the trailer.

^^ These next two photos are of the back of the trailer, with two smaller trunks holding up the axle and the main weight of the entire trailer. 

You can't see with these photos, but the tries closest to the camera are off the ground whereas the ones further away are not. The reason for this is because of the slant in the ground. The two trunks under the axle are of different height but the difference wasn't enough to get both sets of tires off the ground.

I'm actually more comfortable with this set-up, rather than having both sets of tires off the ground. This adds some stability but also ensures us that if the tires end up deflating somehow, the entire tire won't become unleveled again.

We'll eventually have to get under the trailer and WD-40 everything to get it read for winter, but this is what we have so far! Thanks for reading :)

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