Saturday, October 31, 2015

Leveling the trailer!

Hello again everyone!

Kiah and I have been working our weekends hard to finally get the trailer of our tiny house leveled, it took a lot of work!

I would say for those of you attempting to build a tiny house yourself, prepare yourself to spend a good 4 days leveling it. With our level of expertise and equipment, it took longer than what many with experience may find.

Anyways, you all know that we are trying to keep the house under $10K so we decided to recycle fallen trees for some additional support. Personally, I'd rather have the support be overkill rather than under. 

We have the landing gear, two tree trunks that I cut with my step dad and placed into 2.5 foot holes, and the axle with the 4 tires. We will also be building a small deck/porch which will add support to the whole thing. The video below isn't too exciting, nonetheless, it shows some of the work involved with leveling a big trailer like this one.

**A side note on equipment, we've been able to borrow most of the equipment that we've used so far from friends and family. We haven't broken any of them (thank god) and plan to return all of the tools once we are done. Kiah and I have a strict policy that if we break any of the tools we will replace them right away with a new one. What we have bought is the 30K jack, which I priced on an earlier post.

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