Saturday, October 24, 2015

First Design Ideas

Hello Fellow Tiny House Lovers!

Today we're posting something a little bit different than our previous posts.  This post will be about design. The reason being, we're still in the process of leveling the trailer.  I want to share with you guys some ideas of what I want our tiny house to look like, mainly on the inside.  
The first design aspect that Travis and I have agreed on is that for our floor we want a light colored wood and then with dark stained or cherry wood accents. There's a lot of images on Google and this is the best one I found.  

Most of the pictures I've seen there's an equal amount of light colored wood and dark colored wood.  But I prefer to have more of the light colored wood than dark.  The reason being is because I want to keep our space as bright as possible but still be able to add some color or dimension to our house.

Next we also what to do a similar affect to the ceiling.  Here's a picture of what we want exactly.

The picture shown above, is actually the house that I draw a lot of inspiration from.  Here's the link to see the full house.

If you check out this house.  I love the stairs and the placement of the refrigerator.  I also love the wood ceiling in the bathroom and kitchen.  I also love the table/booth and the big window next to it.  We've designed our tiny house to have this table/booth and big window.  Check out our previous post of our "blue print" and you'll see where we placed everything.

Now for our clothes, I first had the idea of having a little side door next to our bed in the loft floor.  I then realized that I didn't want to grab my clothes from the loft and bring them down stairs to change or change in the loft, which would be super cramped.  So I came up with the idea of having a his and her closet right next to the bathroom.  This way we can have our clothes down stairs and be able to get dressed in the bathroom, which we'll have more room than maybe changing up in the loft or carrying our clothes all around our house. I found a picture that gave me the idea for the closet. I do like the compartments in the picture below, but I have a slightly different image in my head.

I really like the drawers on the bottom that come out, for shoes.  But the middle section I want to be able to hang clothes, like dresses or Travis' fancy work clothes. But our closets will have doors on them.  At first I was thinking of curtains but I like the idea of having doors more because it looks more organized and cleaner.  

Second to last I want to mention my crazy love for copper/ rose gold accents.  I want cooper accents threw out the whole house. Especially in the kitchen.  Travis and I decided that we want a copper sink.  Our sink will obviously not be as big as the one in the picture below.  But I love the idea of the cutting board fitting over the sink, because that saves a lot of room and you can use the sink for multiple purposes. (That's why I chose this picture)  We've also decided not to have a bathroom sink.  Our kitchen sink will act as our bathroom sink.  This decision may obviously change when we get closer to assembling the inside of the house.

Lastly, the only vision I have for the kitchen right now is hanging my tea cups from the bottom of the cabinets or a shelf.  I love tea and tea cups and I have an assortment of them and I would love to be able to display them and it also have functionality.  I'm not sure if I want to screw hooks into the bottom of the cabinets or have a long copper rod with hooks.  But I'm sure that this decision/ design will be made when I'm actually ready to hang my tea cups ;)

So for right now,  these are our ideas on what we want.  Obviously these ideas and decisions may change but when I envision what the inside of our house will look like, these are the things that stick out the most to me. 

I also have a Pinterest that I've pinned some tiny house ideas that I love so here's the link to my Pinterest if you're interested: 

I'm not sure how or if any of these things will match and flow but like I've said before, I want this house to feel like a home.  And homes are not meant to be perfect.  They're meant to look like someone lives in it.  It gives off personality and character of the people that live in them. 

Side note, that's why I loved going trick or treating.  For a brief moment I got to see inside peoples homes and see a glimpse of their lives and what they may cherish and value the most.  I enjoy that a lot.  

Anyway, I love every idea that Travis and I have come up with so far.  We would love to do all of our ideas, but in the end we have to narrow it down.  

I hope that everyone enjoyed this post and I promise there will be more posts like this, even when we're building and constructing the main structure of the house. This last thought is mainly for myself but I know there will be times that I may get stressed and loose sight of what we're doing, but having posts like these, will help remind me and give me a purpose to see this crazy adventure to the end.  Til next time.....


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