Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The trailer is leveled!!! Just kidding... :(

Hello Everyone!

We have officially hit our first road-block.

While Kiah and I were lifting the trailer with our 30-ton jack (which worked fabulously), we put the cinder blocks underneath the axle and it all worked out fine until we began lifting the landing gear. The weight transferred to the axle and sliced through the cinder blocks like bread.

Now we are in thinking mode.

We need something that will hold the weight of the trailer (20Klbs.+), and the pressure of the 30-ton jack. The concrete blocks we bought were rated for about 2000lbs of psi, we need a lot more than that.

We've looked up material with high PSI and found that certain types of wood can hold much more PSI than the cinder blocks. We'll test that and see. 

So far, we've designed a way to test the material to see if it can hold the weight so it doesn't put either of us in danger.

If any of you have any legit recommendations, please let us know!


  1. To level the trailer dig 2 holes 12" deep and wide enough for the tires to roll into. I assume you want to keep the tires on it in case you need to move it. Then under the Jack's dig holes 16x16 by 24" deep and fill with concrete for support. I believe this is all you need to do.

    1. Terry,
      Thanks for the wisdom. We're gonna check that option out. Problem is we can't move the trailer (we don't have a truck). I'm sure we can dig holes underneath the tires though. Thanks again!