Friday, February 26, 2016

Is that a floor I see??

Friends and family, we've begun building! It won't be long now until we have the frame up!!

We understand this might not be super exciting to some of you, but it is to us. This is a huge accomplishment for us! Check out the photos below if you're interested in our progress :)

For those of you interested in how, we had a very good friend of ours come up and give us some advice on how to prep the floor. We got some plywood, which we'll lay on top of some house wrap that will keep the plywood dry, then nail the plywood into the wood beams we have installed.

After this, we'll have to lay a grid down for the actual floor and insulation, install the insulation, then place the final layer of plywood to complete the process of preping the floor.


Glasses on ;)


Hey everybody! I just wanted say hi on this post and that as Travis stated before, we're super excited about the first layer of the floor getting put down.

I'm hoping we're done with demolition stage, besides cutting the roof, windows and door. Which I'm super happy about!

I'm also really excited about covering these stupid metal studs on the floor... Unfortunately, Travis fell through one yesterday and he has some pretty nasty bruises on his leg from it... He also hit his finger with the hammer and his nail is black and blue, poor thing! :(

So as you can tell I want this thing covered in wood so there's no more slipping through and having to really watch your step....
Every time we're at the trailer I tell Travis that all I want is stairs that lead up to the trailer and a floor.... That's all I want right now because we're still having to climb from the side with the big opening.

I hope everyone is enjoying these posts... It's still not as exciting, but stay tuned because it's about to get really exciting putting everything together! Once we get the drywall up, I'm sure everybody will be flipping their cookies!

Love you all!
The Tiny House Couple :)

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