Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tiny Houses.... THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!! O.o

Hello all!

Today Travis and I took a little trip to Fort Collins to meet a fellow Tiny House couple... and let me tell you, it was awesome to see a tiny house complete and people actually living in it. The couple that we met are two very down to earth people. It was extremely nice of them to let us pick their brains on how they built their house and let us into their home, and it was a very beautiful home!

I hope our home is half as beautiful as theirs!

Lastly, seeing how they did some of their design aspects, Travis and I have decided to change a few of ours. For example, we were going to do a sliding door for the bathroom, a "pocket door". But instead, we found it'd be much easier and nicer if the door just slide on a rail or pipe outside the wall.

Check out their website and follow their journey here:

We were driving back home and we kept saying we wish we got a picture of all four of us in front of their house... But hey, at least I got a picture of me in front of it :)

We also didn't take as many pictures as we would have liked. We got so wrapped up in talking about tiny houses that we just let our eyes take all the pictures.
One example of their creativity was their rock climbing wall. 

Like this one ^^ for example. It looked great! Travis' favorite part of their house!

Thank you John and Julie for letting us into your home! I can't wait for you guys to see ours finished at our housewarming party!

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