Wednesday, March 23, 2016

And this.... this is why the house isn't finished

Hey everybody!

Here's a blog post for your entertainment, while being stuck inside in this snow storm. And if you're one of those lucky people that aren't, please enjoy the beautiful weather for us here in Colorado! (now you can see why the house isn't finished; this white stuff keeps dumping on us whenever we want to work on the trailer!)

You see that nonsense?1? 17 inches!!

I'd like to take this moment and explain why we're building a tiny house... 

The first reason is because we want to take on a challenge of building something, being able to say we built it, and that we did it ourselves. Also to boost ourselves up because if we can build a house then I feel like we'll be able to survive in the jungle if we ever wanted to...

which brings me to the next reason.... TRAVEL!

We want to see the world!  Going to every continent before I'm 30 is up on my list of things that I want to accomplish. And yes, I'm including Antartica. 

It's important for us to accomplish these things because; first off, we're doing these things together.  We see that having the ability to build a tiny house and come away still madly in love, is a good sign.  If we can't get through building a tiny house together then... that's different story... and perhaps a different blog! ;)

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