Sunday, June 12, 2016

$$$$ Half way mark!

What's up everyone! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and soaking up the sunshine or rain. Whichever you prefer :)

As you can tell we are still under construction with the house. We've been having a hard time with our windows leaking. That's been holding us back cause we've focused a lot of our time trying to fix our darn windows, and we may or may not have broke one of them :( There was water filling up between the two panes of glass and so we thought if we bought a glass drill, we could make a little hole and fix our problem. Well, little did we think that maybe if the glass broke, our problem would definitely be fixed. Unfortunately now it's just a single paned window. In the end it created another problem, but we can deal with this one much better than with the window filling with water.

We've made a lot of progress as always. 
(We're very dedicated individuals) 
  • Got the drywall on the ceiling installed 
  • Got our front door all ready to be shut and locked up tight!
  • We got all our insulation up on the walls.
We also made a trap door in case anybody comes snooping around.... Just kidding, the door is actually for our bathroom. We'll explain more later :)

Next up is putting in our finished flooring! Surprisingly, we've just about hit the half way mark on our budget for the house!

Our next big purchase is our solar panels! :)

I look forward to posting a video on installing the floor and I hope you all are too!

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