Saturday, June 25, 2016

Let's not talk about this

There's so much I'd like to talk about with the house, but the one thing I won't talk about is how worn out I've been.

will talk about how motivated I've been with finishing, I've been working on it non stop. We're finally talking about all the things we have to buy; furniture, food, kitchen, and bathroom storage, all that jazz.

I've never wanted something so much in my life and I've worked so hard to make it happen. If you have a dream, just do it. Don't live your life imagining or dreaming for it to happen. 
"It'll take hard work but nothing you work for in life comes easy"- Anonymous

Stepping off my soap box; this is the last picture until the house is completely finished!
I'm not allowing Travis to post any pictures of what it looks like until it's done.

Also, friends and family, I don't want anybody to see it until it's done, so you'll just have to hold your undies until our open house!

I can't wait to see the transformation myself! There will continue to be blog and Instagram posts so don't worry!

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