Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ring ring ring.... You have a delivery!

Yesterday wasn't the best day, but I was determined to end it on a happy note. I know I said I'd post a video of us working on the house but with the day I had, I wanted to end it with something positive :)

I'm definitely learning that if you sincerely want something in life, it doesn't come easy. I'm seeing that with the house. I'm seeing that with the blog/ Youtube channel.

It's hard stuff and I enjoy it. I honestly do. I have to remind myself what the final outcome is and enjoy the journey because it's the direction I want my life to head in. 

Just like one of my favorite quotes says,
"Just remember to enjoy the process of being where you are, while you are getting to where you want to be."- Unknown

Life is hard but remember to work hard and enjoy each step.
So here's us opening up a package we got yesterday!

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