Saturday, September 19, 2015


Yesterday was a great day because we wrote up our game plan for what we must do first.  We figured that the trailer needed some TLC before starting to rip everything out.  First we had to take care of the outside before we move to the inside. While we worked on our Game Plan, a thought popped into my head, building a house is like writing a paper.  

First we must start with an outline.  With every successful paper I've written, it started with the outline.  I figured if we want to be successful and achieve our goal of building this thing under $10,000, we must have an outline first, then we can start filling in the details.  

Also, just like in papers, we must think and be able to explain everything we have and want to do, in detail.  Everything we put into this tiny house, we must think of all the details; money, materials, time, work, and patience.  

I feel like when I wrote papers, it made me a better person and a smarter person as well.  I feel like with building this tiny house we are only going to grow.  We'll also be able to say that we built this on your own, that will be one of the biggest accomplishments I'll achieve.  I have no fear of success. I've pictured having a tiny house for years and I can't wait to see it come to life.  It will be difficult and we will always have obstacles and haters, but we will be stronger in the end.

--Sept. 20, 2015--

We got the dimensions of the trailer from the inside and found it to be a length of 25 feet, a width of 8 feet 2 inches, and a height of 9 feet 2 inches. This is of course with the wood still inside.

That gives us approximately 205 sq. ft. to work with. Thats not too bad! That, of course, is calculated by multiplying the length and width of the house. Don't multiply it by the height, I did that and came out with a much bigger place :)

Time for the blueprint!

Neither Kiah nor I (Travis) have any idea how to draw up a "professional" blue print, so we're gonna just draw the trailer to size and see what we end up with. You'll see a photo of that soon if you stay tuned!

--Sept. 22 2015--

Hello everyone! We have officially made our Game Plan! It consists of;

1. Measure the inside of the trailer, as well as the space between the ground and bottom of the trailer. DONE

2. Draw up a blue print

-Plan out the order of what will be built first, second, so on.

3. Level the trailer

-Mow the lawn around and under it
-oil the axle, wheels, landing gear, and landing gear crank
-get the tires off the ground

4. Remove the wood from inside the trailer, then cut out the doors and windows

After that we can't plan because we need the blue print done. We are in the process of that now. I'll create a separate post for the making of the blue print.

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