Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Blue print (9/26/15)

This post will be updated frequently, so be sure to check back!

Blue Print

Hello again everyone! Another day with the trailer and our tiny house. As you'll see in another post, so far we've only spent about $1,200 (plus or minus $100, I can't remember the exact number right now). This includes the trailer, getting it towed, as well as a tarp we got to cover the entrance for the depths of winter. Winter in Morrison can be pretty unforgiving, let alone Colorado!

We have absolutely no idea how to build, but Kiah and I (Travis) are learning. One of the most obvious steps for us was a specific plan for the build, that way we know what we are up against as well as we will be able to predict some problems and frustrations as far as construction goes. As far as emotional, well, there's no predicting that ;)

After we realized we needed a plan, we figured the best, most efficient and fast way would be to draw the plan (as opposed to creating a 3D model of the trailer). We drew up the trailer to scale and here is the result so far;


Rudimentary? Yes. Remember our experience in building houses ;)

The important thing to remember is that one needs specific goals to follow, otherwise you're just 'winging it' and that usually ends badly.

Like we said in another post, the total square footage in the trailer is approximately 200! Which is good considering some of the tiny houses out there under 150sq ft. like this one >>

Anyways, thanks for checking out our blog. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the blog.

--Sept. 23--

We realized last night that we needed physical examples to look at. We used my parents' bathroom and shower as references and figured a shower that's about 3' X 3' would be perfect and a total bathroom space of 3' X 8'. Therefore, the bathroom/shower area will take up the width of the trailer in the "back" (the area above the axles). 

We'll draw up a representation of this soon.

--Sept. 24--


We had a family member reach out to us recently about the possibility of using their software to build a 3D animation of what the house might look like. This is definitely a huge blessing for us! Now we can actually see the house come to life faster than it would take to build.

That definitely points to the importance of treating everyone you meet with respect. This is what we like to call 'karma'. If you treat everyone you meet like crap, how do you expect people to reach out to you in your time of need? Anyways, once we get this 3D animation up and running we'll do our best to post it here! :)

--Sept. 26--

Hey everyone :)

We just bought a 30-ton jack to level the trailer. It was about $95 with in-store shipping. We'll post photos of what the trailer looks like and the jack after we get it leveled.

Total $$ spent: $1,455

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