Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Couple... who are we?

Thanks for visiting!! Here you'll find Kiah and I embarking on an adventure to build a tiny house for $10K or less.

Who are we?

Kiah and I (Travis) are both people who live in Colorado. We both grew up in the mountains and we literally started out with no building experience whatsoever.

Luckily, we're both highly motivated and ready to make a difference in the world.

Truth be told, Kiah got me into Tiny Houses when we first met. Her mom lives in an unbelievably small house. I grew up in a much larger house (probably 3 times as big as hers). Whats interesting to see is the lifestyle difference between the two houses.

1. The bigger house tended to waste more stuff.
2. The bigger house, with all its extra storage, tended to have a lot of stuff not used.
3. Her smaller house had closer relationships and more meaningful interactions when people came to stay over.

How is it that these things came to be? It is my opinion, because when we as humans are offered more space than we really need, we fill that space up like we do our lives, so we aren't faced with the reality of how empty it all really is; the stuff gives us an illusion of substance.

This isn't to say my house was empty of human interaction and love. My parents are great people and I don't regret growing up there. However, there are stark differences in living in a small house versus a big house.

Who we are NOT
1. We aren't extreme; we don't make our own clothes, grow our own food, or walk everywhere without shoes.
2. We aren't experts in construction, we are probably more closely related to the stage before a beginner at this point.
3. We definitely aren't rich or ridiculously more privileged than the average American. We don't live near a construction site (nor do we know anyone who is in construction.... yet), and don't have a lot of stuff.
3. Lastly, we aren't crazy. We just want an affordable home (under $10K), and be able to save the planet as much as we can. We aren't crazy environmentalists (not to say all environmentalists are crazy), but we do love the Earth more than anything.

Help needed?
Like I said above, we aren't experts (at building or blogging), but we do try and we are learning everything on our own. If you need help, feel free to contact us on the blog and we'll do our best to get back to you.

Thanks again for visiting!

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