Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Game Plan

The Game Plan
How is this done?

We bought the trailer!!!! Here's our first pictures:

 .... not in the best shape, I know. But it's literally perfect. This bugger is 28 feet long! We expected this to be the most expensive part of the entire project. We figured if we could get this down far enough, we'd be able to spend more on the solar panels where it mattered the most.

Total cost: $1,360. <-- just on the trailer only. To go--> $8,640.

Essentially, we've drawn up a list of steps that we need to accomplish to get this whole thing built. This is what it looks like'

1. Measure inside and outside of trailer. Also measure the distance between the ground and the bottom of the trailer so we can draw up a blue print.

2. Draw up the blue print.

3.blackLevel the trailer, mow the grass around it, de-rust the bottom so the wheels will still work, and get the wheels off the ground somehow (to avoid further damage to these old thangs).

4. Remove the wood inside...? < We might not do that. Cut out windows and door(s)

5. (waiting for blue print).

We also have a running list of materials we need as the project develops. And of course a running budget. We'd like to keep a log of how much time we spend building this in total as well. Keep in mind, WE HAVE NO BUILDING EXPERIENCE!!!! haha this is supposed to be doable for the average Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.

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