Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lifting the Roof

Yesterday was a jam packed, stressful, and fulfilling day!

Travis and I went through misunderstandings, frustrations and thoughts on wanting to quit. 

But once we ended our 10 hour day working on the house, we realized that if we could get through a day like we did, then we can  do anything!

We decided to not put any windows in the loft for two reasons. One; we couldn't find another small window, and second; the window we do have will not fit in the loft. We are bummed cause there's a pretty epic view of the mountains from the loft but we have to do what we have to do.

There will be more pictures and videos to come. Next post will be the last construction related post. We will have videos of putting together all the finishings but we are done framing the house!


  1. I wonder if you can enjoy the view from the roof of your home once it's done? Like have a little rooftop patio area? Not that you asked for suggestions- if that stresses you out, no worries. I think it's fascinating how much work and resilience you've shown in working on your future home, it's awesome! --Lena

    1. That's not a bad idea at all... we would like to have a view of the mountains and a hangout spot would be a double whammy. Thanks for the suggestion! Perhaps after we finish it all we'll consult you again ;)

    2. OK I just had another idea. Hangout spot plus tentish thingy over it, you know like the VW hippie vans that have the popup tent on top? Only this would be your patio, that you can cover with a tent if need be? Hmmmm haha I'm totally planning your rooftop patio! haha --Lena

    3. Interesting... the only issue I'd have with that is that the roof gets pretty hot in general. Although we will be coating the roof with some pretty thick, cooling roof paint so that may well work... perhaps we have to see what the roof is like when all is said and done :)