Thursday, May 19, 2016

Here we go again with the videos

Hey guys!

First thing, I revised the last blog post, so go look at it again to get the updated version.

Here's a short video I did cleaning up the house while Travis was gone. It was full of saw dust, it was bad!

Also here's Travis and I putting up the 4x4's for the loft and our adventure to our local hardware store. (This is before he left for his trip) These bad boys are the things that we'll get to see when we're under the loft. They will obviously be painted, but I'm super happy that we have something up that is part of the finished look.

Now that Travis is home we will be working on cutting the roof and getting that all framed. Electrical and insulation is after that!

Then the real fun begins guys! All the finishings... Stay tuned for a video of us lifting the roof!

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