Friday, April 1, 2016

Working hard or hardly working

Hey everyone!

We got a lot done today... YAY! We've been feeling a little down because the weather keeps holding us up, so we were feeling like we didn't really get anything done on the house.... BUT not today!

Today was probably our most productive day!

We got more of the floor framing done. As you see with the first picture we had to do some annoying pain in the butt work AND unfortunately got a leak in the roof, but fixed it. 

Here's the blog post on fixing the roof

So here I am melting all the ice that froze onto the plywood... I might look happy in the picture but I was pretty upset!

There's Travis fixing the leak on the roof

We then decided to get floor insulation at some warehouse in Denver where they were selling the kind that we needed at a discount. We got the directions from Google Maps and it said it'd take us about 45 minutes to get there, and because they closed at 4PM and wouldn't open back up until Monday, we had to get it TODAY! Only problem was, it was 3:15PM. So we jumped in the car, sped down the highway and got there just in time. As Travis went to pay for it, they informed us they were planning on staying open for another 30 minutes... -.-

We thought about getting recycled blue jean insulation but realized that it was definitely not in our budget. So we decided to get the itchy kind. I'm so frickin stoked to put this stuff in hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to!!!

Wish us luck!

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