Tuesday, April 19, 2016

To the Window to the Wall....

Hello all!

Here's an update on cutting the windows, starting the framing, and our extremely long process of getting more lumber.

So I'm really excited to show you guys these pictures for two reasons, one because we cut the hole for the biggest window, which is our living room window. Second, we got wood that will be for the loft frame and will be part of the finished look of the house. I'm excited for that because what we've been doing this whole time is things that no one will ever see.
Travis worked really hard cutting the window out.

Here's us starting to frame the house!!

Our next step was to get a lumber for framing the walls. And we have yet to get a picture of it because we got dumped with 4 feet of snow. But we got 40 2x4's. 5 4x4's, and then 6 2x6's. The 2x4's are mostly for the framing and some for the framing of the loft. the 4x4's are for the floor of the loft. And are going to be showing on the ceiling of the kitchen.

We will post more photos as we finish the framing. I'm giving us two full weekends of framing the walls. Then after framing, we'll frame the loft and then electrical! After that the ceiling.......

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