Saturday, July 23, 2016

When Inspiration Hits!

I've had this blog post idea written down in my journal and now on my dry erase inspiration board, that is currently hanging in my almost newly finished house (breathe) for the longest time now.

In the end pretty much none of those made it into reality, but what we do have in the house has made me feel at home :)

Here's a few pictures that I found inspiration from and what we have done in our house. Also if you think about it this is pretty much like a sneak peek of what our house looks like ;) 

Travis and I loved the color scheme in this picture. As well as the pallet wall :) Our colors aren't exactly like this picture but we do have different shades of all the same colors. One day though, I will make an exact replica of this photo. I love it so much! 
Advice: If you decide to do a pallet wall. It's SOOOO much easier to take apart the pallets with a Skil saw. It is a little time consuming, cutting the nails with the saw as well as hammering out each cut nail in the pallets. You can choose not do that but we didn't want the nail look in our pallets.

I will still be doing my tea cup shelf! Maybe not exactly like in this cute picture, but I will have some kind of tea cup shelf! Even it doesn't match anything else in the house. I must have it!

This house is actually in Golden. We drove past it one day and I had to get a picture because these colors are exactly what I want to do on the outside of the house.
Oooooooh the wood and industrial pipe door. There's many things I could say about this but the only thing I will say is, IT'S NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS! Seriously.... We thought; oh get a wood door, buy the industrial black sliding rail thing and some black piping to make the ladder on the door, put it all together in a day.... Boom! DONE!...... O.o 
If I'm at all qualified now to tell anyone who wanted to do this, DON'T. Hire a professional. We also have the worst luck with doors. I'll go into that in another post.

Lastly, if you don't follow us on our Facebook page, we announced the day that we will be revealing the house on the blog. It will be next Saturday July 30, 2016.
This week we will be working like crazy to get as much as we can done. As well as doing a count down on our Facebook page and Instagram. Be on the look out for our countdown til we hit $10,000! It'll be happening soon!
Currently: $9,256.00

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