Sunday, July 10, 2016

The List


This week we're here to update you all on where we are and how much further we have to go.  Also tell you a little more about what the blog will be about once we're done with the house.

I'm going to keep the blog related to the tiny house and show you all what its like to live in one, as well as home improvement and DIY projects. I also want to do Travel Diary's for when we travel and share our experiences with you all. 

Next I've made a list of all the things we have yet to finish on the house: (We will be finishing the first set of cabinets today!)

  1. Buy couch, table, cabinets, bathroom door, shower, toilet, compost bin
  2. Put together couch, toilet, compost bin,table, shower, bathroom door, cabinets
  3. Clean and paint cabinets
  4. Mount Fireplace
  5. Pallets and bathroom door/ladder
  6. Plumbing (this won't take very long)
  7. Solar Panels
  8. Cut hole for solar panel wires
  9. Get second Cabinet
  10. Cut hole for fireplace flu
  11. Storage for food, water, and wood
  12. Decorate
  13. Dinning room chairs
  14. Fire alarms
  15. Bathroom bucket storage
  16. Water jugs
  17. Target Run for house necessities.... again :)
  18. Painting/ cleaning outside- start new list
As you can tell we got the majority of the big stuff done. Now it's all the little things that keep holding us up, BUT we are getting there!

I also finished the trim which was the biggest pain in the butt! It looks alright, definitely not a professionals job but makes it look more like a home.

Anyway, next blog post will be on setting up the pallets and bathroom door!

Budget update: $8,277

Oh and did I mention we have about two more weeks til we're finished with the house?

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