Saturday, July 16, 2016

Crossing more things off our list


We've been working like busy bee's on the house. We've crossed off more things on our list. We have a few more things that we have to get done before decorating and doing all the finishing touches and then it's onto painting the outside of the house. 

  1. Buy couch, table, cabinets, bathroom door, shower, toilet, compost bin
  2. Put together couch, toilet, compost bin,table, shower, bathroom door, cabinets
  3. Clean and paint cabinets
  4. Mount Fireplace
  5. Pallets and bathroom door/ladder
  6. Plumbing (this won't take very long)
  7. Solar Panels
  8. Cut hole for solar panel wires
  9. Get second Cabinet
  10. Cut hole for fireplace flu (we may wait till after our house warming to cut the hole)
  11. Storage for food, water, and wood
  12. Decorate
  13. Dinning room chairs
  14. Fire alarms
  15. Bathroom bucket storage
  16. Water jugs
  17. Target Run for house necessities.... again :)
  18. Painting/ cleaning outside- start new list
After all of this we get to show everyone! I'm having such a hard time coming up with pictures to post now because I don't want to show the house yet. Most of the stuff on this list will not take very long. It's mainly going out and buying things, which is the fun part :)

Lastly, I'm super proud of our pallet wall. We may paint some of them to match the rest of the house but here's a sneak peek of what it looks like right now!

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